Who made this site?

This site is brought to you by HeartCo Media. HeartCo, based in on the South Coast of the UK have three main businesses (Media Sussex, Build Me Mini, OliveJoy Photography), which all depend heavily on social media interaction.

While we have utilised many tools, including Buffer and Hashtagify – we found that one really needed feature was lacking – the ability to count your hashtags in a given post. Most important in Instagram, the 30 hashtag limit leaves us often running our greasy fingers across our screens as we desperately try and figure out just how many hashtags we had, or hadn’t, included.

That’s where HashTag Counter comes in. It’s a current work in progress. Currently it just counts the words that are in a given paragraph, but we are hoping to add smarter algorithms shortly to enable a better and in-depth analysis of the hashtags used within a given post.

Watch this space, and happy Hashtagging!

HeartCo team.