Why Count Your Hashtags?

The Hashtag counter. What’s the point?

Hashtags have slowly transitioned their way from a shorthand for the word ‘number’ into something that we often use daily to search for the information we want online. Since the introduction of hashtags a few years ago, almost all social media platforms have now adopted this method of cross-referencing content in one way or another.

Hashtags are great, but can be overwhelming. While most social media websites allow you to use as many hashtags as you would like in a post, the use of too many can be off-putting to the end user. This is just one of the many reasons that it is important to prioritise your content to include only the hashtags that you really want to apply to your posts.

Platforms like Instagram typically only allow a maximum of 30 hashtags per photo post, making it essential to pick the right ones. 30 may seem like a lot, and it looks like a lot when it’s all blocked together in text format. Which will often leave you counting how many hashtags you have used in your post.

To save time counting your hashtags, you can enter them on this site to work out how many you have used (and how many you have left to use) in a given post.

Hashtags can be a lifesaver when looking for content, and hashtag counting can be a fantastic tool to best-utlisiing your content so that it’s found more often online.

Other useful hashtag tools:
Hashtagify – (free) great for finding popular hashtags in the category you are adding
Tint – (not free) display content from a given hashtag, from across multiple social media platforms
Ritetag – (freemium) rate the hashtags that you are using